Why Do Dogs Do Zoomies?

Understanding a dog’s behavior will depend on before and after the particular behavior takes place.They are unpredictable pets at some point. One of the funny behaviors of a canine pet is zoomies that can happen in dogs at any age, but most common in puppies. Are you looking for reasons why your pet dog does the thing? Gladly, you have clicked the right post.

Dog Zoomies Explained

Zoomies is when dogs carelessly run in a circle like crazy but harmless. It starts when the pet’s eyes get a wild look with its butt tucked underneath. Bent legs are a good sign of a dog ready to run around. They become unaware of their actions because of too much excitement. It is also beyond the owner’s control when dogs get excited. The pet may knock things over in the process, especially when it happens indoors. Your guest might feel in danger when dogs do zoomies but warn them not to.

7 Reasons Why Dogs Do Zoomies

There are reasons behind every action, which is also applicable for home pets like dogs. Your pet won’t get wild without a prior happening. Knowing what causes a dog to do zoomies will help us identify the solutions in controlling the behavior. So, here are five reasons why dogs get crazy at times:   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

1. Irregular exercise

Dogs are born energetic pets, especially during a young age.Not letting your pet to have a regular walk outdoors could trigger zoomies behavior. The dog will be full of energy then to run around wildly.

The best solution is not to shut your dog inside the house for several days. Set a schedule to walk him outside and play with him to lessen its energy.

2. Excitement

Everyone gets wild when they feel excited about a thing or a scenario, and dogs are not excused. Happy energy is hard to control which results in being hyper in every action.There are many situations that make dogs excited, like seeing another dog around thus wants to play along with him. Zoomies may happen every time dogs feel amazed by something.

The pet dog can also feel excited when their favorite hooman arrives home. Zoomies could be a great sign of a need to cuddle with their human.

3. Nervousness

There are dogs afraid of going to the vet clinic.Some owners are in trouble convincing their pet to come near the expert for a little checkup. The pet’s response would be to zoom around in order to escape its regular vet visit.

Chasing a zooming dog is not the best way to stop him, vets are aware of the right action to be done.Treats would help in calming the dog with your happy and gentle voice while saying a command.That is why training is necessary for dogs to easily control them when such a problem happens.

Another cause of nervousness could be danger nearby. It might be a predator or something bad is happening around your house. Dog do zoomies to interpret scenarios in their own way on which most dog keepers understand.

4. Feeling Refreshed

Observe that whenever a dog takes a bath, it will start zooming afterward. He might be expressing its gratitude as the bath is finally over. Dogs zooming behavior after bath is different from what we describe earlier.

After bath zoomies are more calm and easy to control. When the bath is over, the dog will run on the ground and will try to dry himself.It is so beautiful to watch until the pet is totally dry.

5. Tiredness

This reason is the complete opposite of dogs having irregular exercise. Tiredness is very common to small dogs that easily get frustrated over a simple walk. The pet will act tired after just a couple of steps which leads him to do zoomies instead. Sounds crazy, right? But, that is just how dogs react to things.

Let the dog rest from time to time to avoid puppy zoomies to take place. No worries as the puppies grow bigger they will understand the importance of outdoor walks.

6. Celebrating

Canine pets can detect when it is already mealtime.They watch your every move until the serving of their food. A delicious meal will satisfy the dog’s tummy big time. Your fur friend cannot contain its happiness after eating his meal and turns out into zoomies. Plus, the meal makes the dog more energetic to do zoomies.

Do not be shocked when dogs do zoomies after a meal, as it is only their sign of celebration. Thus, offer them the best dog meals ever to reward your friendly companion.

7. Feeling “Lighter”

Dogs poop everywhere at the backyard but well-trained pets know the right places to leave their waste. That must be dealt in a pot training session, anyways poop has something to do with zoomies.

Having a bowel movement will make dogs uneasy to do other things. Once the poop is released, their feeling will also be lighter. Zoomies is helpful behavior to this kind of dog problem.

Dogs are smart in removing poop attached to their bottom. They will run off wildly until the remaining poop falls off to the ground.Your pet will feel better after that.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all, zoomies is a normal behavior of dogs which might bring in trouble sometimes. It is controllable especially now that you know the reasons behind the behavior. Choose to spend more time with your best companion.

The more dogs get bored, the more they become more prone to do zoomies. For extreme cases, you can ask for professional help on how to deal with zoomies behavior.Learn how to calm dogs whom you can tell having zoomies problem by a couple of dog training sessions.

Share your dog’s zoomies story in the comment box. We would like to invite you to share your own preventive tips against the behavior.Thanks for the concern!


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