Top 12 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for Dog Lovers with Sensitivities

Some dog lovers tend to love dogs from afar since most dog fur triggers allergy attacks. Sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes are just a few of the symptoms that a person may experience because of fur allergy. And it is not a good thing for a person who loves dogs.

Having allergies on dogs make dog lovers life a little bit more exciting than they will have more bonding with their pet, grooming, and bathing dogs more often are suggestions to lessen allergies to occur. Cleaning up of their hair is also a necessity.

Though regular grooming means more expenses in caring for your dog, it is also an opportunity for the pet and pet-owner to express love to each other.

The following are the top 20 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds that will give dog owners to enjoy their lives with the dog they care for fully.


“Poodles are highly intelligent and tend to live long,” says Gary Ritcher, a veterinarian who resides at Rover. This breed of dog is for all sizes; people who love small dogs are in for a treat; there are as small as a teacup miniature to a well-sized standard dog. Small-sized poodles are better for it sheds less hair than bigger poodles, so it doesn’t require that much grooming.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog is a toy dog breed for most dog lovers in the US. Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with a feisty personality, although a romantic playmate. Yorkshire Terrier fur is more likely to human hair. As a result, this dog is known to produce lesser allergic reactions to its owner. Nevertheless, it is still important to groom the dog regularly; the dog’s dandruff and saliva can also be the cause of allergic reactions.

Bichon Frise

Dog lovers who love to clean their place most of the time and want a dog that sheds less fur. Think no more because this kind of dog breed is a perfect choice. With the double coating of this dog’s fur, it keeps its fur not to fall to the floor. So grooming is essential for this dog to remove the fur that are caught up in its undercoat.

Miniature Schnauzer

If you want to have a small size dog that loves adventure, consider the Miniature Schnauzer. This dog is loyal and devoted to their owners and also known for being obedient. Like the Bichon Frise, Miniature Schnauzer also has a double coat, a rougher top, and a softer undercoat. Shedding of fur is not that visible on the floor.


Maltese, like humans, they have hair, not fur, so shedding is not a problem. This breed of dogs is playful and lovable. They are perfect for dog lovers who dwell in their apartment, or those lifestyles are less active. Daily bathing and regular brushing are suggested to avoid coat matting. It is also recommended to clean the hair around the eyes daily to prevent staining of tears.

Brussels Griffon

The coats of these dogs shed the least, so this kind of dog is the best choice for dog lovers with allergies. Smooth-coated Griffons in specific. Griffon’s rough coat needs to be clipped, and the smooth coat only requires a quick week brushing. Combing and brushing twice a week is a requirement for this kind of dog.

Shih Tzus

This dog also has hair that is double-coated that makes them shed less. Shih Tzus are easy to please, owners who always stay at home or owners who love to go anywhere; this dog is an excellent companion. Owners who want to keep the hair of this dog long must have a game for serious grooming. A weekly bath is required. Also, oiling is vital to keep the dog’s hair from matting down. Grooming is an everyday thing to remove or prevent any unwanted stuff from its coat.


This dog is a great hypoallergenic companion for dog lovers having not much dander in its coats. Also, this dog is an excellent choice for pet owners who love to go out. Unlike Shih Tzus, this dog requires combing and brushing a week or three times to avoid matting on their coat. However, trimming is not needed.

Portuguese Water Dog

These dogs are very loyal, so if you are in search of a companion, consider the Portuguese Water Dog. As its name says, this dog loves water and loves swimming, so most likely, dog lovers who love fishing and swimmers are perfect for them. Water Dogs doesn’t have double-coat and doesn’t shed more often, still grooming them regularly is a good idea.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Having a soft coat, this dog shed less, which is one of the best choices for allergic dog lovers. This dog is energetic and spirited, being said Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier loves to go out and exercise. Unlike dogs with double-coat, this dog’s hair does not shed. However, their hair requires grooming and clipping always.

Chinese Crested

Having no fur on its body, shedding is not a problem for this breed of dogs. It is great for dog lovers that suffer from allergies, yet this dog needs a different kind of special care. This hairless breed needs skincare, make sure to keep this dog from skin irritations and sunburn.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Dog lovers have been delighted in this breed for centuries, this dog’s signature curls and friendly presence makes them easy to bond with. Having coats that are doubled, the curly hair of this dog shed the fewest. Like most dog breeds with hair, grooming and brushing regularly for this dog helps its hair from matting.

To sum everything up, whatever dogs you want to have based on the list above. Pet owners must know how to take care of their pets. Grooming, brushing, and trimming are common things to do. Playing with them is basic, keep your dog clean and your place comfortable. Also, pet owners need to be informed of the characteristics of each dog before adopting or buying one. Love your dog, and it will love you back.


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