Top 10 Pet Influencers

Tucker The Golden Retriever (@tuckerbudzyn) – 3.1m followers

Tucker is a cute-as-a-button Golden retriever who has grown up online and has created quite a devoted following. Now, with the addition of a furry little brother named Todd, followers can get double the fun from this account.

Tucker Instagram Bio

Venus the Two Face Cat (@venustwofacecat) – 2m followers

If you want to make it big, it helps to have something that makes you stand out — and Venus certainly does. With different-colored eyes and a face that’s perfectly divided into two different colors, she has used her difference to land sponsorship deals and even her own calendar.

Venus the Two Face Cat Instagram Bio

Loki the Wolfdog (@) – 2m followers

This rugged outdoorsman is a husky/arctic wolf mix who sports a handsome physique and stunning blue eyes. Along with his human, he uses his Instagram account to showcase his sense of adventure, leading to partnerships with brands including REI and Mercedes-Benz.

Loki the Wolfdog Instagram Bio

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