Most Popular Dog Breed by State

7. Doberman Pinscher

If you are looking for a dog breed that can provide better protection, go for Doberman pinscher. It is the royalty in the pooch kingdom, and it came from Kentucky. It has a great look, which makes the dog perfect for protection. Lots of training are necessary to bring out a well-conditioned Doberman.

This dog is a combination of elegance and athletic outlook. Its body might be sleek but has a strong muscular built. It has a glistening coat with rust markings. Its noble wedge-shaped head with pointed ears is the reason why it looks fierce with a good heart. Doberman is not only powerful physically but more mentally.

8. Shiba Inu

Are you familiar with the movie that has a dog character named “Hachiko”? We are all touched by its story of loyalty. It is a Shiba Inu dog breed that came from Japan and brought to America. It is a companion dog that has gained popularity in the West. It appears similar to a fox with a not-so-wild behaviour.

It has a very humbling look. This dog breed is so alert that it performs like a hunter. Shiba Inu is coated with white markings in different choices of colours. This breed is a well-muscled dog with a confident personality. All we can say is it looks adorable in the wild.

9. Bulldog

You can quickly tell if a dog is under a bulldog breed. Its loose skin, pushed-in nose, and undershot jaw are enough signs of levelling it as a bulldog. It has a lazy-look but loves to cuddle. Be patient because of it being heavyweight. That is why careful diet and moderate exercise are needed to maintain a healthy figure.

Some people are not into bulldogs because of its distinct appearance. But, dog lovers mostly admire their loyalty and kindness despite how it looks. During hot weather, bulldogs hardly breathe and so petting it in an air-conditioned room is essential. It can be your greatest companion at all times.

10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Let us end this post with a loving Corgi. Without being biased, but Pembroke Welsh Corgi could be the most endearing dog breed counted in. Thanks to Wyoming in where Corgi started. They might be small dogs but very affectionate kind of pet and perfect as home buddies. Nowadays, Corgi is becoming more and more popular in the world of canines.

It has short, powerful legs well-prepared for training. Its physical features are from their hard days of work. They are quick and very active in playing with the household. You can depend on it as a watchdog throughout the day with its “big dog” bark. It might be very little in figure but can live independently for the sake of its owner. 


The discussed dog breeds are the most popular ones you could choose for. Owning any kind of dog helps to have a better living experience. I am not telling lies when I say dogs are loving creatures more than humans. You can ask those dog lovers out there. Further, petting a dog only requires proper care and avoids neglecting the dog’s needs. 

As a reminder, do not get a dog if you are not able to raise it properly. Dog are beings, too, that deserves our loving care.

Here is an appreciation for all dog parents who are doing a great job! You might want to add another breed to your dog collection.


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