Most Popular Dog Breed by State

4. Chihuahua

It is another small dog breed on the list that comes in New Mexico that weighs no more than six pounds. Though Chihuahuas are so tiny, it has a big-dog attitude. It undergoes training suitable for its size and is very smart to follow instructions. Chihuahuas are adaptable in nature. The truth is, having quality time on your lap is its favourite habit.

It has a rounded apple head with erect ears and full eyes. The dog’s coat comes in different colors and patterns but has the same thickness. Speaking about loyalty, Chihuahuas are in. It is an ideal dog to bring on cities to roam around. Render special care to this dog breed during the cold season to avoid further sickness.

5. Maltese

During the 19th century, a dog breed so-called Maltese was recognized. It originated in New Jersey that is named after “Melita” or the ancient dog of Malta. They looked stunning as compared to other small dog breeds with its floor-length and silky coat. Maltese is so huggable and perfect to groom.

Aside from its elegant coat, its big dark eyes and gumdrop nose make Maltese more exquisite. Beneath its thick hair is a compact body with excellent agility course. However, they are sometimes moody but also love to make friends with other dogs. Reward-Based training is proper for them to take training seriously.

6. Rottweiler

A beautiful dog is charming. Moreover, a good dog is. Rottweiler is a dog that helps to assure the safety of your territory. It can be courageous with a calm look and yet not aggressive to hurt people. Better train a Rottweiler at an early age with a harness to have positive effects when it gets older and more prominent. There are times wherein police officers used this breed to perform meaningful work for security.

Male Rottweiler is a bit taller than female breeds. Its coat is so delicate and comes in plain colour accordingly. Despite its height, it can still cuddle on your lap. It has adorable eyes. It seems like a guardian pet and not only as a toy dog breed to its owner. Raise the dog properly to be more confident in its future behaviours.

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