Most Popular Dog Breed by State

Dogs are lovely creatures! I strongly agree that without even a single dog in a house, life would be boring. Anyways, I am talking to all the dog lovers out there. If you are scrolling the web to find out the most popular dog breed by State, you came to the right place to get answers.

You can find different dog breeds state-by-state. For example, French bulldogs are popular in California and Texas, so as Shih Tzu in North Carolina. But for most dog lovers, it doesn’t matter on which class the dog is in. All dogs are charming in any case. Without further ado, let’s get it started!

The Top 10 Dog Breeds by State

1. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the most known dog breed in America. It looks golden, as its name says through its golden coat. These dogs are in medium size with a dense coat but very friendly. It has short ears, intelligent eyes, and a feathery tail that fulfil its fluffy look. Its existence started in Scotland, maybe because of the cold weather there.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

Golden Retrievers are playful dogs. They are very eager to learn during training. Results are seen on the dog’s behaviour whenever it plays around. You can trust the dog in many ways, aside from being a friend. Swimming and fetching are Golden Retriever’s past time.

2. St. Bernard

St. Bernard is a giant dog that weighs 260-pounds. Male breeds are taller than female ones of about 27.5” in minimum. It is originated in Louisiana and became popular through the film “Beethoven.” Though the dog seems so big, it is very gentle and has a friendly expression. This breed is one of the most beloved dog breeds all over the State.

It has a massive head with a wrinkled brow and dark eyes. Its features may seem wild, but it is a friendly and huggable dog. The cleverness of St. Bernard dog breed is at a high level and hence easy to train.

3. Pomeranian

You can discover the cutest dog breed in Nevada. Pomeranian dog breed is so cute in size which only weighs seven pounds. That is a lot smaller than the prior dog breeds. Kids love them because of their overload cuteness. Its frill over the chest and shoulders adds to the dog’s loving feature. That comes in almost two colors, patterns, and markings. We have nothing to say except its charm.

Pomeranians are so attentive to mastering dog tricks and games. They are considered as watchdogs that even children can play along with the pet. The dogs never fail to put a smile on their audiences’ faces. Pomeranians can go indoor plays and short walks.

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