Killer Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Whether it’s about securing a dream job or forming a lasting relationship, getting off to a great start can easily be the foundation of a life-changing situation.

We collected 11 important things to help you interact with someone you have never met before. You better keep these in mind if you’re going to smash it.

11. Be positive

11 Killer Ways to Make a Good First Impression

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When meeting someone new, try to kick off the conversation with a genuine smile and stick to positive topics going forward. It will define your overall attitude and help you portray the best version of yourself.

10. Develop an open body language

Your body language can tell a lot about you even before you introduce yourself. Lean your body toward the person you are talking to, and avoid crossing your limbs to make you look more approachable and relaxed. In general, make sure you maintain a pose that you feel is neither too closed nor too casual.

9. Make eye contact

11 Killer Ways to Make a Good First Impression

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While interacting with someone, your lack of eye contact might give the impression that you want to leave the room. Then again, staring into the other person’s eyes for too long can make them feel a little uncomfortable. Using the triangle method of switching focus between the two eyes and the mouth should help you maintain the proper amount of eye contact.

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