Is It Okay to Keep Your Dog Inside Most of The Time?

As a loving pet owner, you want to give the best for your pooch. Letting your dog live with your family is one great present you can offer. However, you are probably a little unsure whether to keep her inside or outside. With regards to this issue, some think it’s better for dogs to stay outside for several reasons, while others believe they are better taken care of inside the home.

This is somewhat a long-heated debate for dog owners. To ask an animal expert if it is okay to keep a dog inside most of the time or not is a tricky question. In reality, the answer mostly depends on your situation.

Just think where you live and what is the climate like, what dog breed do you own, what’s your health condition and so on and so forth. In general, dogs that are kept inside are healthier, happier and tend to be closer to their owners. Most of us if not all are aware dogs are highly sociable, which only means they need attention for playtime, exercise and more.  

Breeds of Dogs

One can argue dogs are classified as indoor, outdoor or both. To some degree, this is accurate.  Small breeds like chihuahuas, pugs, beagles and terriers are considered indoor dogs. So, letting these dogs stay inside makes perfect sense.

On the other hand, we have several famous outdoor dogs like husky, Labrador retriever, and German Shepherd. One obvious characteristic they share is they are naturally bigger than most indoor dogs.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

Also, they have thicker coat. However, these dogs also do well and deserve to live with their owners. Besides, there is no safer place for them but home.  Accidents can possibly happen but as long as your dog is trained it should be avoided.

Greyhounds are a good example of a dog breeds that need to stay inside. They are extremely sensitive to cold weather due to the fact that they have lean structure. They have relatively thin body and little body fat.

Kennel vs Crate

If you have a yard, you can have a kennel set outside for your outdoor dog. But you can also have another option of putting a crate inside. At least, when you leave for work, they have a little version of home they can wait from while you are away.

While it’s perfectly fine to leave your dog outside for long hours during the day, the possibility of barking can be very irritating unless they are guard dogs. Still it is unfair for your neighbors putting up with the constant barking and growling.  Better consider the dogs you are buying or adopting.  

Trained dogs can be either put in a crate or a kennel with little to no problem except when the weather condition is bad. If it’s extremely cold or hot outside, or it’s rainy season your dog might suffer from diseases. A climate-controlled kennel is a good solution but would you not consider how they feel being alone most of the time with these rough weather conditions?

Allowing them to have access to both the inside and outside of your house is good for their mental and emotional development. If you are really worried about your dog chewing or destroying household things, the crate is perfect to confine them. When they are really crate-trained they won’t think of it as a cage but a den.

Regular exercise

Even if your dog barely goes out, she can still be physically fit. Of course, there are limitations but there are many things you can do to make your dog active even if inside the house like giving her a toy to play with. If you have a spacious house, you might want to do chasing or hide and seek from room to room and extend it to your yard.

Although I understand not all live in a house, some live in a condo unit or apartment and there are restrictions to how much you can do with your dog. In such case, walking her in the morning or evening is a good addition to her daily routine. If outside is crowded, it’s better to put her on a leash.  

Whatever the condition of your accommodation you live in, you need to take your dog out for some socializing activities. They need to see something fresh aside from the four corners of your house. They need to completely rejuvenate and burn some fats on. Besides, your dog has a tendency to develop laziness. Not all the time you lock them in. It’s no excuse you are busy with your work. Why get a dog just to complain?

Strong Relationship

It is quite ironic people would accuse you of animal cruelty when you keep your dog inside. The usual reason is they believe dogs are happier outside. But is that really the case? I don’t really want to argue with this as I know these people are going to defend it as much as I do.

Maybe there is one thing I want to point out. I guess we sometimes misunderstand the keeping and leaving a dog inside. Although, the former sounds more humane both are actually good. At least in my own understanding.

Anyway, let’s just respect their opinion but for me, having my dog by my side more often I get to learn more about her behavior. I get to supervise her more. I get to train her more. My point is I am raising a family member. I believe she appreciates it very much.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you don’t consider your dog a part of your family just because she lives outside. I just feel my dog receives better treatment when keep inside.


Domesticated dogs have learned to adopt to our ways of living. But that is not to say we should ignore their needs and happiness.

We can keep our dogs inside and have a taste of the luxuries we have. As long as we provide their necessities and show much care and attention, why is not okay to live with them under the same roof?  


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