How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep During The Day?

Our pet dogs spend a lot of time sleeping. And, if you are a first-time parent, a dog’s sleeping patterns can be confusing. Are you unsure of how many hours do dogs sleep during the day? Well, let’s see below!

Longer periods of sleep are natural for a canine lifestyle having almost 80% time of rest. The remaining 20% is allocated for other activities, such as eating, playing, and just lying around the house. Dogs spend more time of sleep during the day, as they guard the house at night.

Experts claim that dogs sleep for ten to 12 hours a day on average. More than that would indicate sickness and other factors causing longer sleep.

Dog’s Sleeping Cycle

The sleeping cycle of canine pets is almost similar to humans. Dogs also experience dreaming and their body reacts to it.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

Within the first 10 minutes of sleep, dogs will breathe slowly as their heart rate and blood pressure decrease. They will enter the REM phase afterward wherein their eyes roll under the eyelids.

The difference would be a lesser time in the REM phase is observed on dogs. It becomes 10% rather 25% like on humans. It is a great sign of a healthy brain so nothing to worry.

Dogs normally sleep for up to 3-hours in the morning. Although their sleeping pattern changes over time, if it exceeds to 6-hours, better call the vet.

Factors to Consider

The amount of sleep by canine pets varies depending on the number of factors. Let’s see what kind of sleeper your pet dog is below!


Dogs breed come differently. There are bigger and smaller breeds, but which one sleeps a lot?

Bigger breeds tend to sleep longer than smaller breeds due to the amount of energy being spent. They come in bigger sizes thus require more energy to move around. As compared to small dogs, though they are a lot more active, the amount of energy does not meet what bigger dogs released. You can observe a small breed has more time of relaxing than burning calories.

Working dog breeds, like K-9, have a task that demands physical and mental work. This particular breed does not sleep much like the other dog breeds. However, K-9 breeds catch up on their sleep to restore their energy.


The average amount of sleep of dogs is about 14-hours per day, but it changes over time. As dogs grow older, they need more time to sleep for them to function properly.

Puppies about four weeks old will need up to 20-hours of sleep per day. The reason is, young puppies only require three things to live – nursing, sleeping, and a warm environment. Avoid disturbing a sleeping puppy unless necessary, like during feeding time. Puppies need more sleep to keep growing.

When your dog has passed the puppy stage, the average sleeping time goes down to 14-hours per day. It depends on the other factors on how much do adult dogs sleep, for instance, its breed. Busy dogs such as German shepherds tend to sleep less compared to an inactive pet. Larger breeds can sleep more than 14-hours a day to restore their energy.

Dog’s age varies according to its breed. Small breeds have a longer lifespan and so considered a senior dog at the age of 10. Labrador, Golden Retriever, and other larger breeds in their fifth year are actually seniors. Older dogs have different interests other than exercising, which is sleeping much. They are no longer energetic as before thus resting becomes their sweet escape. You can see an old dog sleeping throughout a day wherein naps are not enough.


Sick dogs commonly need a long time of rest. If you are a fur parent before, it is easy to notice when a dog is not feeling well. The pet spent more time lying around and has declined in energy. It does not matter how old the dog is. All canine pets are susceptible to different health problems.

Contact the vet immediately, the dog might be under a serious condition.


The lifestyle of dogs also changes as they grow older. Some dogs become busier while others become well-behaved, these activities affect how much dogs sleep in a day.

Dogs also adapt to their environment that fast. The environment can affect a dog’s behavior as related to their sleeping habit. The better your place is, the more it influences how much your dog sleeps in a day.

What makes dogs sleep too much?

There are many reasons why dogs sleep more than normal, such as:

  • Health conditions
  • Old age
  • Lack of exercise
  • Feeling Unmotivated
  • Serious illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, kidney and heart disease, and many more

Pet dogs might be too overwhelmed on changes from their normal routines thus made them sleep more. However, when dogs sleep much for consecutive days, then there might be an issue.

Sadly, canine pets won’t talk about how they feel thus harder for humans to know what to do next. When changes in its sleeping pattern occur, you should call the vet for immediate action to cure the pet.

How to improve a dog’s sleep?

Most dogs follow their own sleep patterns. They are like other mammals longing for quality sleep in times of rest. Sometimes we neglect things needed to improve our pet’s hours of sleep, such as the following:


Mammals won’t insist to exercise, thus they can rest all-day and stay inactive. This may result in more time of rest, but not a quality-type of rest.

A dog that exercises every day can fall asleep faster than inactive dogs. Walk your dog outdoors every single day to help the pet lay out its excess energy. As a result, it will be easier for your pet to fall asleep.


A proper and nutritious diet also improves a dog’s sleep. Check out how you feed your pet, it must not be under or overfed.

Regular visits with a vet assure a healthier diet for dogs. We know that dog foods will depend on the growth of the pet. Perhaps there is a need to change his diet for him to sleep better.

Sense of Comfort

There are beddings made up for canine pets to sleep peacefully. A comfortable doggy bed must be warm and dry to provide comfort for the pet. The bed space should be enough, as dogs sometimes stretch and roll over in their sleep.

A waterproof mattress is available in the market not to disturb a dog’s sleep even in longer hours. It delivers a sense of comfort for the pet dog at any time of the day.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, canine pets are nearly similar to a human’s sleeping pattern. Dogs also dream and spend hours of sleep in a day. The difference could be dogs sleep much in the morning compared at night. They also need more hours of sleep to grow faster and healthier, as said dogs are not excused to various sicknesses.

Hence, let your dog sleep at an average time of 12-hours per day. Do not be anxious if your dog sleeps more than the average, just contact your vet.

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