subtle signs of fake people (and 10 effective ways to deal with them)

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Are you tired of dealing with fake people?

I know I am. They only care about superficial attention and I never get to know them for who they are.

So in this article, I’m going to go over 21 ways to spot a fake person so you can avoid them in your daily life. I’ll also talk about how to deal with them (if you can’t avoid them!).

1. Fake people only respect those who have power and wealth.

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love
8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Fake people are only interested in spending time with people who could benefit them in some way.

Therefore, when it comes to evaluating a person’s characteristics, a fake person will tend to look at how powerful or rich they are. They won’t care if they’re kind or genuine.

2. Fake people will manipulate others to get what they want

8 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

A fake person will manipulate whoever is in their path to get what they want. Dishonest methods of persuasion aren’t beyond them.

This is why fake people are masters at fake smiling, giving fake compliments, and acting like your friend when they’re really not.

A fake person is all about themselves. They’ll disregard someone else’s well-being if it means they can benefit in some way. This is not entirely different from a narcissist.

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