Best Dog breeds for Cuddling

A dog is enough to alter your mood after a long day of work by giving you a long tight hug. There is no other best way coming back home than having an excited fur baby to spend even a small-time with you. Perhaps you are now asking, which are the best dog breeds for cuddling to buy or adopt. Read on and you will find out!

The Top 8 Best Dog Breeds for Cuddling

Which one of the cuddliest breeds in the canine world would you choose? Place your bets in the comment section afterward.

1. Golden Retriever

Knowing this breed has the lustrous gold coat, good for cuddling, it became so popular in the United States. They grow as big as medium-sized dogs, so nice to cuddle with.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

They are friendly even on kids and so perfect as a family pet. As to strangers, a golden retriever is not too shy in cuddling up towards them without getting wild. It is not all that, they are eager too in showing their ability to be trained.

Having a stressful day? A golden retriever can cure your exhaustion.

2. Havanese

Most dog breeds are happy to be with, but Havanese is the most cheerful of them all. They can go with hours of cuddling with their owners. Havanese are small dog breeds with so much fur perfect for hugging.

When it comes to cuteness, Havanese dog breed is to look for. They are a combination of happy and gentle pets. Playing in the living room like fetching games is what they love doing, aside from cuddling. They are loyal to their owners as well.

Right after having some moment with this dog breed on a couch, take him in a daily walk occasionally.

3. Pug

Dogs do always love to seek attention. No one could ever deny how it is so good to cuddle with a pug. Their wrinkled face may seem not friendly, but that is not true. Behind its appearance is a loving dog you can afford.

Character and fun are what to expect with this dog breed. They enjoy seeking attention with a shocking amount of energy coming out of them. Pugs interact well with children, which is a good reason to have them as a home pet. Just apply hands-on monitoring when they play with kids.

Do not judge pugs by their looks, because you will love them on the inside. They do not become popular over the years without any good reasons.

4. Chihuahua

Do not be misled by chihuahua’s outer look, you might be deceived. They come with a variety of colors, choose which you like most.

They are one of the smallest breeds among canines with the biggest personalities. Though little in size, chihuahua has a big heart towards its owner. It loves snuggling on its owner’s lap after a busy day. What an amazing cuddling moment, is in it?

Chihuahuas are high maintenance dogs in terms of keeping them fit on daily activities. A decent amount of exercise must be added to its routine. You can walk him on a sidewalk, with a safety leash to avoid further problems. It takes the right training to turn chihuahuas as a little companion.

5. Newfoundland

Is your large yard has been prepared? Having a Newfoundland requires plenty of space because of its size. They are a giant dog breed with a loving disposition. Newfoundland is a so-called nanny dog because of how caring and loyal the dog is to their family.

They are heavily coated that is what everyone is looking for a cuddle. This calm home pet can play around with kids without harming even one. They play and cuddle with gentleness, which is a sweet side of them.

Newfoundland is prone to dull moments wherein a lot of exercises are essential for them to stay active.  

6. Bichon Frise

During the 18th century, Bichon Frise is found by the side of royalty. Nowadays, anyone can have the chance to pet such a dog breed.

They looked different from the previous dog breeds but offers the same delight for dog lovers. Bichon Frise is a medium-sized dog breed with curly coats. Its fur is so comfortable for indefinite cuddling. With that reason, grooming a Bichon Frise demands creativeness and passion for the best outcomes.

They mostly seek their owner even inside the house. This lapdog is irresistible and fun to be with. Its adorable eyes are a plus on its cuteness.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Who could turn down a dog begging for a cuddle time? Be human and satisfy its wish!

A dog with a begging face is rare to find, except when they are just acting to have some treat. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has that very natural, begging look wishing to jump on its human’s lap. No worries about how heavy it can be because they are on the small breed side.

Cuddling with a Cavi curled dog while reading a book or watching TV is very satisfying. They are also good-looking in which you can boast your pet to other dog owners.

The next time Cavi looks at you like pleading, please give him a solo time with you.

8. Bearded Collie

Get ready your couch for this four-legged friend with a fluffy face, because it will surely leave some fur on it. That is not a bad deal for dog lovers anyways.

Not only the dog parents will be amazed by Bearded Collie but also strangers. It has a long silky coat ready for a cuddle. Make sure your pet is groomed properly. They are sometimes called “happy herder” due to its extroverted nature. That is why strangers cannot stop adoring this dog breed.


To summarize, cuddling with fur babies satisfies their need for attention. The truth is breed does not matter in choosing a dog to cuddle with for a reason. Dogs are identified to be sweet and loyal to their owners, and cuddling is part of those. 

Not even their sizes matter, as big or small dogs can sit on your lap when they want to. To know more about the other dog breeds for cuddling, surf the internet and you will catch on for more. So, which fur breed do you want to clinch with? 


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