Signs a Person Likes You Even If You Don’t Think So

7. When you’re walking with someone, pay attention to the position of this person around you.

9 Signs a Person Likes You Even If You Don’t Think So

If a person walks in front of you, from a psychological standpoint, this means that they care about themselves and aren’t very interested in you. If a person walks behind you, they might like you. But if they walk next to you and maintain the same pace, this is a sure sign that they like you.

8. Pay attention to how often a person blinks.

When a person doesn’t like the person they’re talking to very much, they will close their eyes subconsciously. Eyelids act as a kind of a barrier that helps block this person out. And if they like you, a person will blink less often.

9. Men usually try to look invulnerable in front of the woman they like. But their hand position may give away some things about them.

Men are likely to show their vulnerabilities in front of the women they like. One of the ways to subtly demonstrate their vulnerabilities is to keep their hands on their hips, opening their stomach. This position may seem arrogant and even threatening, but usually it only means one thing — someone is involuntary trying to show that they’re open to you.

Have you noticed the gestures you make in the presence of a person you like?

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