9 Amazing Ways to Include your Dogs in your Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important events in someone’s life. As it is important, we celebrate it with the people we love the most, and that is including our beloved fur babies like dogs. The presence of our cute doggies will surely make our day extra-special. Plus, we will be able to make them feel how much they are appreciated for their loyalty and the happiness they bring in your life.

But as much as we want them to be there in our most special day, it would not be that easy. It is something that has to be considered and planned carefully so it would turn out the way we want to. Luckily, there are amazing and cute ways to include your dogs in your weddings and we have gathered some of them for you. Check them out!

1. Make your lovely dog your pup of honor

Who said that this role can only be given to humans? This role is usually given to the person who we are close to the most, and so, you can also give it to your pup who is always there for you. Dress your pup with a dress or a tux, let it learn what it has to learn and watch it walk down the aisle on your special day. Of course, you have to make sure that it is on a leash with your theme’s decoration and keep it close to its caretaker.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

2. Ring Bearer Pup

The rings symbolize the unity and promise of a couple to love each other for the rest of their lives. Isn’t it lovely to have your beloved pup carry and bring them to you? As pups can’t use their feet to hold them, you can have the rings tied to their collar have them carry the rings on their back. Of course, you should make sure to give your pup a proper training and a nice outfit beforehand.

3. A Flower Pup

Another great idea to include your pup in your entourage is by making it a flower pup. Surely, the aisle will be more festive with the presence of your fur baby and the beautiful flowers. Prepare a small basket full of flowers and have your pup hold it in its mouth and walk down the aisle. It should be planned carefully as it also requires meticulous training and a lot of patience.

4. An Honored and Lovely Guest

If your pup is more of a calm and behave one, you may as well give it a restrained role on your big day. You can include it in your list of your honored guests. How to prepare your pup for this unforgettable day? Dress it with fancy clothes that match your theme and let it witness your big day. Just make sure to have your pup sit in front row with the people he is familiar with.

5. Include your pup in all your photos

Pictures make the memory lasts so make sure to take as many as you can when you celebrate your big day. And don’t forget to take as many photos as you can with your pup. A little training for your dog would make it look perfect in photos. It is also suggested that you hire a photographer who is experienced in taking photos of animals. This way, perfect shots can be taken.

In case your pup cannot be in your wedding, there are still many wonderful ways to include them in your special day.

6. A wedding cake topper

The cake is one of the things that we look forward to in a wedding, so it surely won’t go unnoticed. Rather than the usual happy couple topper on your wedding cake, it is best you put a dog wedding topper, too. It’s just a simple way of showing how much you adore your pup. Plus, it will make the appearance of your wedding cake extra special.

7. Create Dog Themed Accessories

Definitely, there are various ways to feel the presence of your pup in your wedding; although, he cannot be there personally. Every wedding is full of accessories to make it fabulous. Detail is considered from the escort cards to table names to napkins to guests’ list and so on. These accessories can be decorated with a photo of your pup or a logo as a tribute for your fur baby. This will surely result in a cute and unique theme.

8. A “Thank You” note with your Family Picture

What is more beautiful than a family picture with your cute little puppy? Everyone will surely appreciate and be grateful to receive a “thank you” with a lovely photo of your amazing family. Either you capture a wacky photo, a formal or a themed one, the most important thing is you show how genuine your love and happiness for each other is.

9. Photo booth props with your pup’s face

One more way to make your pup appear in your wedding is by creating photo booth props of your pup’s face. It could be just a décor or it could be whole face of your pup. Through this, your pup can have wonderful moments not only with you but also with your guests.


As they say, only “dogs can love us more than they love themselves”. They are the only ones who can give us unconditional love and protect and be with us at all times without expecting for anything in return. Showing how much we love them means a lot to them and making them part of your most special day is priceless.


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