5 ways to recover from resolution mistakes

4. Give your big goals mini goals

If you’re aiming to exercise five days a week for 30 minutes each time, we can break down this goal into mini goals. For example, you could break up the 30 minutes into five-minute increments throughout the day. Or, you could map this out on a calendar to do a morning workout for 15 minutes and an evening workout for 15 minutes.

At the end of every day that you complete your goal, have a mini celebration party for yourself. Pat yourself on the back, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you did a good job, or play your favorite song. Success breeds success, so celebrating your mini accomplishments will help keep the momentum going toward your bigger goals.

5. Track your progress

Whether you use an app to track your workouts or food intake, or you like writing out your progress in a journal, pick a tracking method to measure your progress. Being able to see the big picture (like last week or last month) as opposed to just the present moment provides more evidence and data to analyze. And if you’re having a bad day and feeling down, you can look back at the progress you’ve made and convince yourself to keep going.

Similarly, if you’re not seeing results, you can look back to see how much effort you’ve actually put into reaching your goals. Spending less than five minutes a day to track your progress can yield dividends toward reaching your resolution.Remember that many of us are in the same boat, but now’s the time to redefine your resolution, reboot it, and recommit to it!

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