5 ways to recover from resolution mistakes

2. Course-correct or change course altogether

If you still want to focus on your original resolution, then break down your resolution into smaller goals. Set benchmarks for yourself. Write out your goals on a calendar. Make things more manageable.

Or, if you realized your resolution to lose weight is actually less important than feeling more energized or sleeping more, feel free to course-correct. Changing focus could be just what you need to get in alignment with your goals. Ways to measure improving your energy or sleep include journaling about how you feel every morning and night, eating energy-packed snacks that include protein (hard-boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, protein shakes and so on), and having a nighttime routine that consists of something relaxing, like yoga.

3. Redefine your goals

Now that you have decided to change course or stay the path, it’s time to redefine your goals. By attaching emotions to your objectives, you’ll be able to start feeling the way you want to feel once you’ve accomplished your goal. If having more energy is one of your resolutions, expand on it to include how you’ll feel once you have gained that extra energy. Is your aim to have more energy so that you can happily run around with your grandkids? Or is your goal to have more energy so that you can finally celebrate starting a new business? Attach a feeling to your goal and redefine it with emotion.

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