Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

As it turns out 1 in 4 couples choose to sleep in separate beds, a survey shows. While the topic is still considered taboo to admit or even talk about, the benefits can be significant. Even the most loving couple can feel the need to spend their nights apart if their sleep patterns differ. This shouldn’t be seen as a problem or as the relationship being “on the rocks,” but as a means of bettering the quality of your sleep.

we did some research and wants to present some of the benefits that couples who sleep separately will be able to reap, along with 2 bonuses you don’t want to miss.

1. Your sleep won’t be interrupted.

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

Sleep deprivation isn’t something to kid around about, since it can cause heart problems, depression, and even diabetes. And if you are not sleeping well in the same bed with your partner, you need to change this. Women are more sensitive to the noises around them, so if their partner is snoring, they will most likely wake up in the middle of the night.

Studies have also found that sleeping with your partner can increase the amount spent in the REM stage. This is the stage where your brain’s operation has increased and your sleep is lighter. This means that sleeping separately will decrease the REM’s duration and keep you free of other distractions.

2. You wake up happy and rejuvenated.

5 Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

This is the result of sleeping without any disturbances. Both partners wake up energized and feel like they can face their respective lives with more focus and control. They are also mentally and physically healthier and they don’t feel resentful toward each other for any sleep disruptions. This way their entire relationship is happier since they wake up refreshed and without any anger whatsoever.