Simple Ways To Bond With Your Cat

10. To show extra love, try putting a pouch of Delectables Lickable Treats on top of a few dry treats for a more nutritious and filling treat. Yum!

Furry cat looking into a a martini glass where his food is being served

Or, if your cat seems in the mood for a playful challenge, try putting treats up high so they can climb up and get them, or hiding them in a little nook that you know they’ll enjoy sneaking into. 

11. If they’re the kind to explore, take them with you as you trek around the world.

Traveling or being outside is not optimal for all cats but if yours loves to scout out the neighborhood, you can always get a comfy cat backpack and allow them to join you in your journeys. There are great options out there with advanced technology to keep them comfortable and warm. 

12. Make their comfort a priority <3.

A stressed cat won’t be a happy cat and bonding is more likely to happen when your cat is relaxed and comfy. Make sure that there’s a space in your home that feels like home for them too. Letting them snuggle you in bed, for example, is essentially like telling them they will be safe, and belong, right next to you. 

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