Simple Ways To Bond With Your Cat

4. Yep, give them treats, too 🙂

We all know treats are to cats as snacks are to humans: They are infallible when it comes to making our day better. Treat time is great anytime but rewarding their sweetness or them finishing a meal is a purrfect way to foster good habits in them. 

5. And don’t forget to have fun with treat time!

Cat with funny face licks Delectables Squeeze Up

On one of those hot summer days, freeze a Delectables Squeeze Up for a refreshing, delicious treat. Hand-feeding it to them is also a perfect approach to boost the bonding! 

6. Also, you don’t need to get ~fancy~ to bond with Mr. Marbles.

If your cat is in a playful mood, don’t shoo them away. Instead, grab a shoe, a shoelace, a string, or anything that might seem interesting to them, and entertain their wishes for recreation. Sometimes, they’re really into the simple things, like paper bags!

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