Simple Ways To Bond With Your Cat

1. Find their sweet spot for their fave scratches!

Some cats love all sorts of scratches but some are a little more picky. Sometimes, they won’t want any loving on their bum but might absolutely adore soft scratching under their chin. Don’t give up on finding your cat’s favorite petting spot; most have one!

2. Allow them time to just ~be themselves~.

Scratches and snuggles are obviously great, especially for the humans, but cats also need a little ~space~. If climbing the fridge and attempting to work their way into the kitchen cabinets once in a while is their thing, just allow yourself to be mesmerized by their agility. Sometimes, they just need to be their crazy selves. 

3. Give them pleeenty of playtime.

It’s no secret that cats can be a little too chill so helping them get a workout and keep their motor skills in top shape is important. Make some time to play with them every day. Oh, and cats like a routine so mark your calendar for a daily session of 30 minutes of playtime. They’ll love it and likely look forward to it once they get the gist of it!

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