10 Weird Cat Behavior Explanations

4. Kitty kisses

kitty kisses are just another means for that adorable fluf to tell you that they like you. Kitty kisses aren’t what you think, however, and actually, involve the cat’s eyes. Yes, those adorable, lovely, creepy, lifeless eyes are believed to help your cat express itself.

While a slow blink and vary relaxed face may look like is about to get ready to zonk out for the day, what may really be happening is that your fluf is showing you affection. These cat kisses are common sign between feline and its family.

3. Cat chat fever

You are lounging around one day, enjoying your silence, when suddenly, from a corner of your house, you hear this strange chattering. Your mind may wander to something sinister in your home, like being from another world, but you can just tuck that silliness back.

What you are actually hearing is your cat who, experts believe, could be making noises of frustration at its inability to catch viewable prey. Another far more gruesome theory point to the chattering being the reflex motion linked to your cat’s instinct to bite down into the pray’s neck.

2. Cat mischief

Let’s face it, your cat can be a handful, especially when it decides to just randomly knock over your finest possessions. It is not just being a big feline jerk, however, in fact, it just believed that your furry friend just practicing its hunting strategies, specifically when it toys with its prey before killing it.

As your cat learns its surroundings, it is likely to test out some of your belongings to see if they try to scamper off and give a good hunt. Though cats eventually learn this isn’t the case, they also realize that knocking over items produce another reaction – the presence of their human companion. If you notice your feline knocking over a lot of your stuff frequently, try giving it a little attention.

1. Box love

Our cats are some pretty strange creatures, but one of their most meme-worthy habits is their desire to sit inside a small spaces, most specifically cardboard boxes. While we think it’s adorable, to your feline friend it is more than being cute.

Researchers at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands were just as perplexed as the rest of us and, taking day off from curing nastiest of diseases, decided to set their sights on cats. What they determined is that when cat clamps itself into a small space, it may be coping with stress. Being incased in its 4 walls, a cat can tend to feel a sense security and warmth that helps calm them.

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