10 Weird Cat Behavior Explanations

7. Everything is food

Should you find inedible items around showing up with kitten teeth marks on them, it might actually experiencing what’s known as pica, or the urge to eat non-food items.

While pica is not necessarily dangerous to cats, if you observe yours chewing on unexpected item, it is always best to first visit a vet. Additional causes for this strange behavior can include dietary deficiencies, a compulsive disorder and even feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus. If it is just the case of pica, removing what your cat is chewing on and giving it more attention may be the simple fix.

6. Unwanted gifts

When a friend of yours brings a dead mouse to your door, you immediately call on the police or grabbing two forks and some butter, depending on what kind of friend you have. but when your cat does it, you’re disgusted but also should feel a little fluttered. You see, cats do not deliver dead animal to any person.

They are instinctual creatures still acting on natural-born need to hunt and where there is dinner to be had, who better to share it with than family? That is right, when your cat brings a deceased bird or rodent, it is simply providing it’s family with the nutrition it’s need to survive. Whether or not you going to eat that nutrition is totally up to you.

5. Kitty headbutt

There are several reasons why your cat may have the tendency to smash its head against yours and self-defense is not one of them. When your cat engages you in some light headbutting, either against your chin, cheek, or the thick of your own skull, it is doing what is known as bunting and allorubing.

Known for being social response, cat bunting is a means spreading the scent from their many scent glands to you, further solidifying your place as the family member or it just scratching against you.

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