10 Weird Cat Behavior Explanations

10. Some alone time

Have you ever wanted to play or snuggle with your cat, only to be met with a cold shoulder? While you can initially think your feline is simply oblivious to its surroundings, researchers at the University of Tokyo have found that there is something a bit ruder going on. In a study of 20 domesticated cats, researchers determined that about 30% of felines sampled essentially ignored those who called out to them.

So do not worry, your can probably isn’t a complete jerk and may just be suffering from behavior deeply rooted in its evolution.

9. Cat-tention

Of course, for every time your cat decides to ignore you, there is probably many instances when it decides to plop it’s furry overgrown body right in the middle of your laptop. Sure, your computer is worm and fits your kitty’s body perfectly, but, perhaps there is another reason it chose that exact spot.

One of the more popular reasons for this intrusive behavior is that your tiny family member is looking for attention. There is a good possibility your cat will sit on anything it sees you are messing with, even something as small as piece of paper.

8. The kitty sprint

Unless you are new to the interwebs, you’ve probably seen a video or two of cats sprinting randomly to no specific destination. Well, while you are sitting there judging their mental state, you may actually take a cue from that four-legged speeding flufball.

One of the most common reasons for a random outburst is a need to release energy. Instinctively, cats are programmed to hunt and chase down their meals, and since the domesticated house cat is hand delivered its meals, it has built-up store of energy and no small critters to expel it on. If your cat is shoving obsessive scratching and grooming, it can be showing signs of hyperesthesia syndrome.

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