Signs Your Happiness Is Too Dependent on Your Partner Even If You Don’t Realize It

Your personality or appearance have changed based on what your partner likes.

10 Signs Your Happiness Is Too Dependent on Your Partner Even If You Don’t Realize It

You used to be a “people person” and enjoy party time and now you’re a shy little bird who doesn’t even socialize anymore. Maybe your partner finds short hair attractive, so you cut yours to fit their beauty standards, even if you weren’t asked to.

Hair isn’t a huge deal, but this behavior may become toxic. For example, if you try to lose weight solely because your partner says you must. If they don’t like you the way you are, your happiness is in danger.

You give up your needs in favor of your partner’s.

In a healthy relationship, there is a constant process of giving and receiving in all ways possible. This makes the 2 of you feel like a team. But, if you switch into self-sacrifice mode, you’re likely to be giving more than you actually receive. If you often forget about your own wants and needs and only meet your partner’s expectations in order to please them, one day you may just explode with frustration.

All you do is focus on your relationship.

You stop maintaining any other social contacts. You sacrifice your friends and family, even if your partner didn’t actually insist on it. You just don’t do anything else because your mind is so busy with making your relationship perfect.

You’re obsessed with the thought that you need to be a robust couple, even when you both don’t have obvious problems, which might actually provoke relationship issues. This will only make you unfulfilled and disappointed.

You ignore red flags and stay with your partner anyway.

They may become indifferent or you may be constantly arguing, but you still stay in the relationship. Even if you know in your heart of hearts that maybe it’s better to break up. You may hold on to your relationship so tight because you’ve become absolutely dependent on your beloved and you’d simply feel lost without them.

If you feel like you would fail at everything without them, this emotional dependency may be toxic. If you’re not sure, look for the signs.

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