There are only a few known dog breeds whose history can be reliably traced back beyond the 9th century; the Kuvasz is one of them. The breed’s story goes all the way back to the Magyar tribes that conquered the territory of the modern Hungary in 896 A.D, bringing with them their livestock guardian dogs. The Kuvasz were a highly prized breed in medieval Hungary and stayed popular throughout the country’s history. However, during World War II the breed was almost completely exterminated because of their reputation as fierce protectors. According to different sources, only twelve to thirty dogs in the entire country survived the war. This severely limited the breeding pool, so the modern Kuvasz most probably has some genetic traces of other breeds that were used to rebuild it.

The Kuvasz is an intelligent and independent dog, which makes them only suitable for experienced owners. Obedience training is necessary for this breed.

8.Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto romagnolo

Another ancient and rare dog breed, this time originating from Italy. Its name literally means “lake dog from Romagna” (Romagna is a district in Italy), and its traditional purpose is a water retriever. It is believed that many modern water retriever breeds are partly descended from the Lagotto Romagnolo. Currently, however, the breed is mainly used as a truffle-searching dog.

The Lagottos are active and loyal dogs, although not all of them make good domestic companions. They have quite a long life span of about 16 years, but may suffer from hip dysplasia and epilepsy connected with poor breeding.



Unlike most of the others on this list, this one is a new breed. It originated in Germany in 1960, when a group of enthusiasts set out to create a breed with the best qualities of the Chow Chow and the Wolfspitz. The resulting “Wolf-Chow” was later crossed with the Samoyed and renamed Eurasier.

Eurasiers are calm and quiet dogs, dignified and very loyal. They are reserved towards strangers and very attached to their family, which is why any training has to be carried out by a family member and not an external handler. An important thing to remember is that these are companion dogs. They need to stay close to their human and won’t be happy chained up, living in a kennel or being used as a guard dog.

10.Glen of Imaal Terrier


The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a very rare dog breed: right now there are only a couple of hundreds of them registered in the USA. They reportedly originated during the times of Elizabeth I and are the least known of the Irish terriers. An interesting fact is that, according to DNA analysis, the Glen of Imaal Terrier is more closely related to the Molossers (bulldog/mastiff/boxer type dogs) than to other terriers.

Like all terriers, Glens are energetic, stubborn and fearless. Unlike most terriers, they are not barkers. They are intelligent and learn fast, especially if led by a firm hand. Glens are good with people, although may be aggressive towards other dogs. A known health problem is progressive retinal atrophy, a condition that gradually results in blindness.

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