10 Fun Ways and Simple Ways to Exercise your Dogs

What’s great about entertaining our dogs is that there are several wonderful benefits for both. Even more, the activities we can do with them are mostly inexpensive. You don’t have to be thinking much about attending your dog to a yoga, or any dog exercise or training class.

Of course, these are good for our dogs but during these quarantine times we need to be a little wiser with our budgeting. We are not setting aside their needs as there are a lot of alternatives to help them with their health and behavioral growth.

Besides, these animal training centers might be temporarily closed at these times. We are not completely shutting down the options of going out with your dogs for some fat burning activities. So, with our list, we have included some outdoor pet activities. These are fun and simple ways to exercise your dogs.

Our furry friends need our guidance and care. Playtime or any dog activities are not only meant for fun. You have to at least know that just like us humans, they need to get fit, socialize, ease their boredom, combat anxiety and many more. 

1. Walking

As much as we love to stay inside for safety and health concerns, our dogs need to get out and have some natural exercise. We are all aware of the pandemic but as long as we follow our communities’ health guidelines and protocols, we should be okay. Walking your dog could be either on a leash or off a leash. The former is a good practice to train and get a control of your dog.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

The latter gives her more freedom but this one needs to be done carefully. Also, the latter shows that you trust her. A thirty-minute to an hour walk is more than enough to not only tire them but also calm or relax them the entire day.

2. Running

Intensifying your pet activity is no problem with your dog. We know what dogs are capable of. They are extremely energetic and they need to release that energy in any way.

In general, dogs love running and some popular breeds like German shepherds, collies, terriers, Labrador retrievers and Siberian huskies couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Running together by the beach or in the park is also good for both health and mental development.

3. Fetching

For this one, you might not need to go to the park or somewhere covid-19 free as long as you have a spacious backyard and your neighbors aren’t so sensitive to fun. You get what I mean, you make some noise, they get agitated. My advice?

You watch out. Anyway, fetching is no different from walking and running with your dog. You get to stimulate their brain to react fast to commands at the same time you earn her loyalty.

4. Socializing

Perhaps your community isn’t badly affected by the covid-19 or is free from it, you don’t need to be concerned much about your environment. Dogs that are less exposed to humans and other dogs tend to be fearful, thus often leads to stress and anxiety.

If you have just owned a puppy, start introducing her to the world. But do it slowly and nicely as it may overwhelm her. Also, less, socialized dogs appear to develop aggression over time.

5. Training

There is no way you complain on this more than your dog chewing on your stuff. This is one big problem for dog owners, they just don’t have the time and patience to teach their dogs. While training your dog can be so tiring, it can also be fun and rewarding.

Any productive activity you do with your dog, she appreciates and enjoys it, why can’t you? It takes time and effort but with your dog learning some basic commands like sit, stand, roll or stay, she will learn to behave. Puppies are better and easier trained, which only means older dogs are challenging to guide.

6. Playing Hide and Seek

You see it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Dog owners show their videos how fun and exciting it is to play hide and seek. I believe it’s a good trend. You get to ease your boredom as well. You can’t be doing nothing at home. You see this thing is a win-win situation for the both of you.

7. Swimming

If you have a dog that has a lot of energy or even an obese one, this kind of activity suits them perfectly. Of course, all dogs can try this one out. Water therapy from time to time helps their body stay conditioned and healthy.

It’s actually a good source of aerobics exercise. Unlike running, which has a high impact on the bones especially the joints, swimming feels light on the body. It does also greatly improve the dog’s health.

8. Guessing game

Giving a treat to your dog when she accomplishes a task or follows a command is a great way to connect and strengthen your bond with your dog. Putting a twist to it like putting the treats in your hand and letting her guess where it is makes things really interesting.

For other pet owners, they use cups and hide the treat from one of them, and the result is also pretty hilarious. We can say that we are sharpening their sense of sight but in reality, dogs have way better sense of smell than us, and guessing where the treat is actually easy for them.  

9. Obstacle game

It’s a good thing there’s a lot of interesting ideas you can apply with your canine friend. One challenging approach for training a dog is the obstacle game. In this one, the dog’s agility is deliberately tested. If you are thinking of what kind of obstacle you are going to make you can always surf the internet.

There are many DIYS dog-obstacle courses you can try. Making sure they jump, crawl or avoid something is already a good training routine. But of course, you need to avoid injuring your dog in the process. 

10. Tug of war

You may be a little hesitant of doing this for fear your dog become aggressive. If you are doing it the wrong way then yes it could lead to possible aggression but don’t you trust your ability? Okay, if you are the cautious one you can always seek advice from animal experts.

But for dogs, when they play, it is natural for them to use their teeth.  This one is still is a good way to train and exercise them. You might also consider what breed of dog you are applying this. Some say these dogs, chowchow, pit bull terrier and chihuahua and some others are quite aggressive.  Having said that, there should be clear rules on how you play the game.


Dogs are different from most animals. They are really special. It is highly unusual to do all these stuff with your cats or birds or other pet friends in your homes. Make some effort to build good relationship with these simple and fun workouts.  


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