10 DIY Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys You Can Make For Your Pup

Exercise is good for the dog’s physical health, but how about its mental health? Interactive toys might help but they are not cheap in the market.Why go to a pet store when you can make dog puzzle toys at home? In this way, you can save up extra money to buy other dog essentials instead.

Dogs should be mentally active and not just physically active.You can be crafty in making toys for a canine pet to satisfy its mental needs. DIYers have been sharing ideas of interactive dog puzzle toys online, and we came up with our top 10 favorites. Check them out below!

10 DIY Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

As some dog toy projects are too complicated, we include good examples that anyone can handle. Here is a list of dog puzzle toys you can make at home:

1. Muffin Tin Ball Game

Buy a muffin tin or get an unused cupcake tin and 12 tennis balls.Prepare some dog treats as part of the game.The muffin tin must be deep enough for dogs not to easily flip over it during the game.   How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the HousePlay Video

Place the treats on some muffin cups and cover all the cups with the tennis balls. The challenge here is the pet will figure out where the treats are by using its nose.

Your dog will be shocked once he found the treat. On the next game, place the treats in other muffin cups to boost your dog’s awareness.

2. Boredom Busting Bottle Feeder

Only an empty water bottle and treats will get you through this dog puzzle toy. It will take a little time to make this one.

Cut some holes into the bottle and then put the treats inside. It becomes a chew toy for your dog which will give him an hour of enjoyment.

Fill the bottle again with treats once emptied.

3. Braided T-shirt Thug Dog Toy

Dogs love to play fetch or tug on their own sometimes. It helps to ease the pet’s boredom and make him active even when he is just alone.

Look for scrapt-shirts in your cabinet and a pair of scissors. Cut the shirt into plenty of stripes to prepare for braiding. Be patient in finishing the braids and desire to make it look artsy.

You can give the braided t-shirt toy to your dog and let him play along with it. This toy is so simple to make during your spare time.

4. Rope Ball Dog Toy

As canine pets are chew masters that leads to destruction on some things at home, why not give him a rope ball toy instead?

Tough chewer dogs are dangerous if not properly supervised. Get a durable yet soft rope to make a ball toy instead of buying in the market. Search online on how is the step-by-step process of forming a ball out of a rope.

The time comes wherein your dog shall tear up the rope. Keep in mind that choking hazard might happen, so proper monitoring is advisable.

5. DIY Flirt Pole

Among the DIY dog puzzle toys is a 5-minute game toy. It is not intended for growing puppies, as it may be tough on joints. On the other hand, the flirt pole is good for high drive dogs.

The flirt pole looks like a fishing rod and also works the same. The difference would be the toy attached to it that will soon catch the attention of your dog.

Go and look for a PVC pipe or a long stick in your yard to use a rod. You need to buy a bungee cord or rope to tie the toy. You may use an empty water bottle as an alternative to a dog toy. Make sure the rope is safe for dogs. Tie the bungee or rope to the end of a PVC pipe or stick.The end of the rope should be up to 5-feet away from the rod.

6. Potato Rope Chew Dog Toy

There are toys not made for chewing, but some dogs tend to destroy it anyway. The best solution could be a DIY chew toy.

Grab pieces of sweet potato and then let them dry. Get a rope and attach the dried potatoes with a knot in between each piece. It could be a nutritious toy for dogs. Dogs who are teething are to whom it is made.

7. Tennis Ball of Treats

Treats are essential for canine pets to stay motivated in everything they do. Most dog keepers incorporate treats into making of puzzle toys. It helps a lot for a game to be successful in the end.

Purchase a tennis ball or if you have one at home, much better. Get ready your pet’s most favorite treat to be added inside the ball later on. Create a small hole on the tennis ball, big enough to get treats out and not to allow treats to fall out easily.

Your pet dog will appreciate the challenge of getting a treat while playing the ball.It can work to fetch training to keep your dog physically active.

8. Rotating Cup Game

It is a guessing game! Dogs can easily find out foul-smelling objects in the house. This game should be an alternative in testing the pet smelling ability. There will be a treat when he did a great job.

Three cups and a treat are necessary to make this game work.Spread the smell of the treat on each cup by swirling it around. Flip the cups and put only one treat in any of the cups. Shuffle the cups without making the dog aware of where you place the treat. The dog will chase the cup that contains the treat.

9. Hide and Seek Dog Puzzle

This interactive game for dogs requires a physical movement for the pet. Since dogs are good at looking out for things, make it more rewarding.

Hide and Seek Puzzle involves the use of dog treats. Show empty shoeboxes to your dog. Afterward, put some treats inside the box and place them throughout the house. On the first try, you may want not to put a lid on the boxes and it will be alright.

As your dog treats the game easily, add the lids to minimize the spread of the treat’s odor.It would be more challenging for him to find the box full of treats and more rewarding once he finds it.

10. Bottle Spinning Toy

Not all the time you need to spoil a dog with a treat by just throwing it towards him. Bring those treats in a bottle spinning toy!

Build a frame by using wood and PVC pipe. You can search online the way in making the wood frame with three bottles attached to it. The bottle should be easily tipped forward or back by your pet. Each bottle has holes through it, not big enough for treats to fall out without spinning the bottle. Protect the surface from falling treats by placing the toy in a cage with debris catcher.

Your four-legged friend will enjoy spinning the bottle just to get more and more treat. Keep your eye on the pet to avoid over-feeding by means of treats.


Which of the above DIY dog puzzle toys you think will work best for your canine pet? Your goal is to maintain your dog’s health both in mind and in the body. Introducing him one or more of the interactive toys above is highly recommended.It also prevents your dog from destroying other things at home.

Share in the comment box your DIY dog toy stories to let others know!


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