10 Best Dogs to Live within an Apartment


Corgi’s personality varies from one dog to another. They are energetic, playful, smart, and overly charming. They can be easily trained and are very obedient to their owners. It is a smart choice to live with them in a cozy tiny place because they believe that people are a pack that should always be together.


These dogs are known for being aggressive and active but could be controllable under the supervision of a great trainer, which could be you. These dogs are very good with children because of their personable and friendly nature. If you leave a lot, they are also a good choice because, with excellent potty training and temperament, they can be left alone without causing any troubles.


Another dog that loves to cuddle and be with their owner most of the time is the beagle. They are also very active and playful, so they are a perfect playmate and companion. They love being around people who make them want to get your attention most of the time.

Training them is not a big problem because they can easily remember what is taught. Besides, they are a good pet for people who have allergies, for they don’t shed a lot except in the spring.


Pugs are quiet and known to be less aggressive dogs. They are affectionate, charming, loyal, and smart, though training them could be a challenge because they are generally willful animals. They love people, so you won’t have to worry about neighbors who would always greet them because of their adorable personality.

Final Say

As you can see, it is not only the size that matters when considering which pet to have. Other than knowing their behaviors, you also have to know well about their needs to make sure that you’ll both live your life happily.Tags:10 Best Dogs to Live within an Apartment

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  1. LAURIEAgain I’m saddened by you leaving out the Shetland Sheepdog. So loyal, smart, loving. I had two of them and they were the best dogs I ever had. Always there for me. So please consider getting a Sheltie. Easy to train, eager to please. Protective. Best dogs EVER!!


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