10 Best Dogs to Live within an Apartment

English Bulldog

As scary as they look, bulldogs are one of the adorable dogs that one must have in an apartment. Aside from their controlled size, they don’t bark as often and as loudly as other dogs, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. They also like napping, which is perfect for people who enjoy rest rather than adventure.


These fur babies are the best companion for people who like to travel because of their handy size. Due to the same reason, you won’t have to worry about preparing a big area in your apartment. These dogs don’t require a lot of physical activities, but a lot of training is necessary when it comes to noise, for they can have a happy personality. But, worry not, they can be easily trained and will surely bring you tons of joy.


You will surely be overwhelmed by the cuteness of this furry dog. They are usually gentle, and they like both cuddling and running around. So if you’re looking for a companion that loves to sit on the couch and watch movies with you. As well as to walk around with you on sunny or cold weather, consider having a papillon.

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