10 Best Dogs to Live within an Apartment

As they say, you will never go wrong with keeping a dog as a company not only because of their loyalty but also for the happiness they bring. They also have an irresistible charm that nobody can ignore.

But deciding to keep one in your apartment is not that easy. Aside from the apartment rules on pets and neighbors that you have to consider. You also have to think about the characteristics and behaviors of your dog.

Here’s a list of dogs that you might want to consider being a companion in your apartment.

Shih Tzu

Also known as “lap warmers,” Shih Tzu is always an excellent choice to keep in an apartment not only for their size but also for their sweet-tempered behavior. Though they can be playful at times, they are generally calm and affectionate. They show affection to their owners and even to strangers, which makes them one of the best apartment dogs.

Bichon Frise

Considering the size, another good choice is the Bichon Frise. These furry babies are an excellent choice for people with an allergy because they shed less than the other dogs with a similar breed. Because of this, you won’t be stressed about cleaning up your apartment. They love to play, so a bit of exercise at times will surely make them thank you.


Basenji, also known as the “barkless dog,” is nice to keep anywhere because it won’t cause any nuisance regarding noise. Though it sometimes makes a sound like a yodel when it gets excited or happy. Far from what we think that hunting dogs are scary, basenji loves being affectionate with their masters.

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